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The American consumers alone lose an estimated $50 billion every year to scams. Global amount worldwide is up to $100 billion. We do our best to reduce it, but we need your help to prevent it. Consumers like you can report suspicious activity using our report a scam form.

Get involved

It’s never too late to be more aware and let others know about us. Subscribe for our new fraud alerts and help protect your family and friends from scams by spreading the word. What we do?

  • Alerting consumers about new scams and frauds as they arise;
  • Providing support and counseling to victims of fraud;
  • Advocating for greater consumer protections from fraud worldwide;
  • Coordinating the anti-fraud activities of law enforcement, consumer protection organizations, companies etc.

Your financial support helps strengthen our ability to fight fraud, warn the public about new schemes and trends. You can sign up to Patreon for small monthly fees which will help defray the costs of managing our organization.